- France: Corbières, Alsace, the Canal du Midi, Burgundy, Provence.
- Society: Twins (France, Italy, USA), The Cour de Cassation (France's highest court, Paris).
- Religions: Confined nuns of Marseilles, the Renaissance of the Orthodox Church in Russia, the Russian Far North, the Cistercian Order (Europe), the Order of Malta (France, Italy, Malta, Senegal, Bethlehem).
- Health: The nurses of the impossible, musicotherapy, malaria in the world (Ethiopia, Colombia, Vietnam), plastic surgery in Japan.
- Africa: Madagascar, Mozambique, Ivory Coast (The fetish women), the Berbers (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco,Niger), Burundi.
- Child jugglers ( Ivory Coast), the Secret of the Marabouts ( Senegal ), the Sabar, the forbidden dance (Senegal) . Djenne, (Mali).
- Far East, Asia: Singapore, Japan, the Asian Dragons (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), Australia, Syria, Cambodia: "The Children of Angkor". Vietnam
- Americas: Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Utah-Arizona, Central America.