Méditations sur la vie

Christophe André and Anne Ducrocq offer us a path of meditation for all the highlights of life: an echo of the pleasures of life, support in the Suffering, sickness or death ...
A selection of magnificent photos of Olivier Martel, imprinted with humanity, tenderness and spirituality, accompany and illuminate this inner journey

Anne DUCROCQ , Christophe ANDRÉ
photographies d' Olivier MARTEL 
Ed. Gründ
2016 (in Library the 6th october 2016)


L'esprit des monastères

A l'écart du monde, les monastères sont comme des phares. En ces lieux retirés, des être se consacrent totalement à la vie de l'esprit.

Ils ont fait voeu de  stabilité et parlent le langage du silence et des sourires. Vivants de l'unique nécesaire, la radicalité de leurs choix tranche avec le monde du XXIè siècle : les moines et les moniales ont renoncé à tout pouvoir pour devenir des "serviteurs inutiles". Ils ont fait profession d'aimer : là est leur vocation, leur mission.

préface de Christophe André
Ed. Gründ

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This book leads us to a personal quest, leading to exciting discoveries: one region, history, ancient traditions, language, people, people ...

Eric Fottorino, Olivier Martel
Ed. Philippe Rey.

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365 MÉDITATIONS - Paroles de vie de l'Abbé Pierre

This book provides the quintessential experience of Abbe Pierre and his life, throughits about 365 among the strongest, magnified by the photographs of Olivier Martel,great photographer who has traveled the world to meet the poorest people and yetthe most beautiful. Ed. Presses de la Renaissance

Abbé Pierre, Olivier Martel
Ed. Presses de la Renaissance

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L'amour sauvera le monde

" Of St. Benedict and his monastic rule to Sister Emmanuelle, activist generous, of St. Augustine to the fervent soul of the father of Christian and his heart Chergé fraternal Pascal and lightning intuitions of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus in his total surrender to Christ, to writers dear to my heart-Vilon, Chateaubriand, Hugo, Verlaine, Jammes, Claudel, Bobin ...., I would like to know their light, their faith, their deep human wisdom."

Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Martel
Ed. Philippe Rey

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Femmes Eternelles

If there is an eternal feminine blend of grace,and perseverance, vanity and pride, as well as reliability, the courage of effort and donation to others,then Olivier Martel can claim to have seized these instances from the eternal feminine around the world.”

Michael Lonsdale, Olivier Martel
Ed. Philippe Rey

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Sur les routes du sacré en France

Monasteries and abbeys, churches and cathedrals, shrines of Christian spirituality and heritage of French treasures. Fascinating in their architectural beauty and their historical richness, but also in the serenity that emanates from them.
This magnificent book reveals the most secret, the most astonishing, and sometimes the most poignant faces of France’s Sacred. A pilgrimage through the History, the heritage, the rituals and the daily life of monks and nuns.

Catherine Guigon, Olivier Martel
Ed. Presses de la Renaissance

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L'Ame Russe

Olivier Martel has captured the beauty of the Russian soul through these stunning photographs. Some reveal the work devotedly carried out within the churches, others the splendor of the costumes and the liturgy. Then there are the images of peasants chatting over a fence, children fishing off the end of wooden jetty, the sweeper at play with his dog, a horse hitched to a sleigh, the tram rocking through the mist or the tractor laboring through the snow....

Ed. Philippe Rey

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« L’âme Russe » Phillipe Rey Editions (Texts by Dominique Fernandez de l’Académie Française) 2009.
« Sur les Routes du Sacré en France » Ed. Presses de la Renaissance (Texts by Catherine Guigon) 2010.
« Femmes Éternelles » Phillipe Rey Editions (Texts by Eric Fottorino) 2010.
« L'Amour sauvera le monde » Ed. Presses de la Renaissance 2011.
« 365 méditations - Paroles de vie de l'Abbé Pierre » Ed. Presses de la Renaissance 2011.
« Berbères » Ed. Phillipe Rey (texte d'Eric Fottorino) 2012.
« L'esprit des monastères » Ed. Gründ (text Anne Ducrocq) 2014.