Méditations sur la vie

Christophe André and Anne Ducrocq offer us a path of meditation for all the highlights of life: an echo of the pleasures of life, support in the Suffering, sickness or death ...
A selection of magnificent photos of Olivier Martel, imprinted with humanity, tenderness and spirituality, accompany and illuminate this inner journey

Anne DUCROCQ , Christophe ANDRÉ
photographies d' Olivier MARTEL 
Ed. Gründ
2016 (sortie le 6 octobre 2016)


EXHIBITION Voyages en folies

Discover the exhibition "Voyages en Folies" from 3 November 2016 to 5 February 2017 on the whole site of the CH La Chartreuse in Dijon


The marvelous alliance of two outstanding designers, Olivier MARTEL - a notorious photographer - and Sabine CHICHE - a talented stylist, catalyzed by the adaptive and creative faculties, the spontaneity and availability of Guests at the Feast, always ready to Embarking on new adventures, gave this strange and fascinating result: incursions into new lands, in other places on the borders of the imaginary, the reverie, the refined where the fantastic meets the necessity, the beauty, the Materiality, simplicity, extravagance.
The journeys are just beginning, their pursuit will be with each spectator who will dare to risk himself, abandon himself to the land of dreams and guests ...

To extend this imaginary world, meet from 3 November 2016 to 5 February 2017 at the La Chartreuse Hospital, 1 Boulevard Chanoine Kir in Dijon :


Opening hours :  parc du CH La Chartreuse : every day 9AM to 5PM

More information for a visit of the place : 03 80 42 52 01

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Voyages en folies

Les Invités au Festin

The IAF is an innovative alternative psychiatric experience , humanist and citizen . They create places of welcome and unsafe life, based on community life for people with mental illness or social, so that they can regain their place in society.
The guests at the banquet working for full citizenship for all and with all.


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L'esprit des monastères

A l'écart du monde, les monastères sont comme des phares. En ces lieux retirés, des être se consacrent totalement à la vie de l'esprit.

Ils ont fait voeu de  stabilité et parlent le langage du silence et des sourires. Vivants de l'unique nécesaire, la radicalité de leurs choix tranche avec le monde du XXIè siècle : les moines et les moniales ont renoncé à tout pouvoir pour devenir des "serviteurs inutiles". Ils ont fait profession d'aimer : là est leur vocation, leur mission.

préface de Christophe André
Ed. Gründ

Exhibition « Femmes Eternelles » women throughout the world

"Femmes Eternelles" women throughout the world. 

500 pictures was choosed by Fotopedia with the World Bank's competition.
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L'amour sauvera le monde

Michael Lonsdale & Olivier Martel

ed. Philippe Rey

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Exhibition « Voyage en Russie » sur les traces de Michel Strogoff

Programmée en lien avec les «  Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge », du 29 Novembre au 4 Décembre 2013.
Foyer de la salle de Spectacle à Yerres en présence de Mr. le Député Maire Nicolas DUPONT AIGNAN.




Berbères - ed. Philippe Rey
Eric Fottorino & Olivier Martel

This book leads us to a personal quest, leading to exciting discoveries: one region, history, ancient traditions, language, people, people ...


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Portfolio La Revue

La mosaïque Berbère - Portfolio La Revue - 27 janv 2012

 Ce sont les premiers occupants du Maghreb. On les appelle les Berbères, un mot d'origine grecque, signifiant "étranger".

 Le reportage que je vous présente ici est le concentré d'une vingtaine d’années de voyages, d’errances, de hasards.

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The spirit of Russia


Publication of this book with texts by Dominique Fernandez, author and member of the French Academy.

Olivier Martel has captured the beauty of the Russian soul through these stunning photographs. Some reveal the work devotly carried out within the churches, others the splendor of the costumes and the liturgy. Then there are the images of peasants chatting over a fence, children fishing off the end of wooden jetty, the sweeper at play with his dog, a horse hitched to a sleigh, the tram rocking through the mist or the tractor laboring through the snow....

“It is indeed through its “soul” that Russia continues to distinguish itself from other nations and to seduce, intrigue and fascinate.”


Dominique Fernandez

L’Âme russe
texte de Dominique Fernandez
Format : 25 x 28 cm
168 pages, relié sous jaquette 
170 illustrations en couleurs
Prix de vente public TTC : 45€ 
ISBN : 978-2-84876-147-3
éditions Philippe Rey
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Le Figaro Magazine

The Cisterian Monks of France - Figaro Magazine - October 16th 2010

Living at the rim of our world, monks similar to the Tibhirine continue to make the radical vow to a life of poverty and prayer.


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On the road of the sacred


Monasteries and abbeys, churches and cathedrales, shrines of Christian spirituality and heritage of French treasures. Facinating in their architectural beauty and their historical richness, but also in the serenity that emanates from them.

This magnificient book reveals the most secret, the most astonishing, and sometimes the most poignant faces of Franceʼs Sacred. A pilgrimage through the History, the heritage, the rituals and the daily life of monks and nuns.

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Advertising CG94

" Val-de-Marne, more than a department, a public utility." This is the message of the Regional Council for the New Year.


This advertising campaign sought to promote the actions of the 8000 departemental agents working each day for the requirements of the Val-de-Marneʼs 1.2 million inhabitants.

The Campaign displayed large portraits throughout the department.

Ordre de Malte


« L'Ordre de Malte France est une force au service du plus faible »

Statégie de la campagne

- Elle est hors du temps et indémodable et fait trait d’union entre le passé et l’avenir

- La tension entre deux mots en opposition, force et faible, résume la vocation de l'Ordre de Malte en une formule simple et claire. Elle donne la raison d’être d’une force portée par des chevaliers réunis dans un Ordre

- Elle est fidèle aux valeurs et à l’histoire de l’Ordre de Malte

- Elle reflète l’engagement spirituel de l'Ordre de Malte au service des plus fragiles



Exposition Icônes russe et orthodoxie

 Grande Arche de la Défense. " Icônes russe et orthodoxie ".