EXHIBITION Voyages en folies

Discover the exhibition "Voyages en Folies" from 3 November 2016 to 5 February 2017 on the whole site of the CH La Chartreuse in DIJON, France


The marvelous alliance of two outstanding designers, Olivier MARTEL - a notorious photographer - and Sabine CHICHE - a talented stylist, catalyzed by the adaptive and creative faculties, the spontaneity and availability of Guests at the Feast, always ready to Embarking on new adventures, gave this strange and fascinating result: incursions into new lands, in other places on the borders of the imaginary, the reverie, the refined where the fantastic meets the necessity, the beauty, the Materiality, simplicity, extravagance.
The journeys are just beginning, their pursuit will be with each spectator who will dare to risk himself, abandon himself to the land of dreams and guests ...

To extend this imaginary world, meet from 3 November 2016 to 5 February 2017 at the La Chartreuse Hospital, 1 Boulevard Chanoine Kir in Dijon :


Opening hours :  parc du CH La Chartreuse : every day 9AM to 5PM

More information for a visit of the place : 03 80 42 52 01

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Exhibition "Femmes Eternelles"


"Femmes Eternelles"  women throughout the world


Over 35 years of photo-journalism, French photographer Olivier Martel has discovered many fascinating cultures. He became interested in subjects such as the nomadic tribes of Northern Africa, Ivory Coast fortune-tellers, the Order of Malta throughout the world, malaria across continents, Orthodox religion in Russia ,the Cistercian Order in Europe and more …..
Among all these faces that crossed Martel’s path, several marked him for life. He was able to photograph women, far from the cliches fashion. His aim was to show an honest portrayal of each of these women, in their daily combats. He found the same grace among the peasant women of Guatemala as among Khmer dancers or Moroccan Berbers. Today it is this work that Olivier Martel wishes to share.

« Femmes Eternelles, women throughout the world » is a series of portraits that capture women in their intimate moments, and reveal their unique beauty and individuality.


«  Femmes Eternelles » was the 24th exhibition to be hosted by the French Senate on the railings of the Luxembourg gardens in Paris. The exhibition features 80 photographs and coincides with the publication of «  Femmes Eternelles » by Editions Philippe Rey .