France : Corbieres, Alsace, Canal du Midi, Burgundy, Brittany, Provence

Europe : Murals (Northern Ireland)

Society : Twins (France, Italy, USA). Choppers (Daytona USA). Supreme Court of Appeals (Paris). The Kremlin Regiment (Russia).

Religion : Carmelite cloistered sisters of Marseille, Saint Russia, the Great Russian North, the Cistercian Order (Europe), the Order of Malta (France, Italy, Malta, Senegal, Bethlehem).

Health : Nurses of the impossible, music therapy, Malaria worldwide (Ethiopia, Columbia, Vietnam), Esthetic surgery in Japan.

Africa : Madagascar, Mozambique, Ivory Coast (the Fetishists), Land of the Berbers (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Niger), Burundi.
The child jugglers (Ivory Coast). Marabouts secrets (Senegal), Sabar, the forbidden dance (Senegal). Once upon a time the Signares (Saint Louis of Senegal). Djenne (Mali).

Orient, Asia : Singapore, Japan, The Asian Dragons (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), Australia, Syria. The children of Angkor (Cambodia).

Americas : Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Utah-Arizona, Central America.


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USA in the 70's

At a second glance one begins to distinguish the hidden lines, the social, aesthetic or cultural significance ... Some will trace the birth of the Chopper to the 50’s, prior to the Brando of “Apocalypse Now” and “The Wild One”. On reflection we come to recognize that the movement truly did gain a foothold in society at precisely that time : the first Youth revolt takes its form in the motorcycle, “the noise and the fury”. After the new philosophers, the new Chopper.  An entirely personal work obeying to very few written laws but responding to a certain Spirit : Live a Chopper, that's «way of life»



L'Âme Russe

What one experiences in Russia amid endless forests, steppes, bogs, snow fields and expanses of ice, raises the question of what mystery lies within these wide-open spaces. Olivier Martel has seized the visible manifestations of this "Russian Soul" in his beautiful photographs.  Some reveal the inside of the churches through the splendor of the costumes and the sumptuousness of the liturgy. But it is also manifest through those peasants chatting over a fence, children fishing off the tip of a wooden jetty, the sweeper at play with her dog, and even in the horse hitched to the sled, the tram rocking through the mist, or the tractor laboring in the snow. It is through its "Soul" that Russia continues to distinguish itself from all the other nations : to seduce, to intrigue, to fascinate. Dominique Fernandez


In the land of the Fetishists

In the Ivory Coast, Spirits and Gods of the African forest exert their influence on the tribes who resisted against the advent of Catholicism and Islam.
Among the Agni, in the villages of Tengouelan which radiate for their fetishist schools, priestesses act as the mediums between the Gods and the spirits of the dead.



The Cloister and the Cistercian world

The secret of the Cistercian Order, founded over 9 hundred years ago, is to combine work with contemplative life. Monastic existence seeks to reconcile, at the dawn of the twenty first century, the love of God and contemporary realities.
The Cistercian Order was born of the opposition to the “Lords of Cluny, a monastery founded in 1910, that lived in opulence”. In response, Father Robert Molesmes voiced his desire to return to the primitive austerity and rules of St. Benedict. He founded the Citeaux monastery in Burgundy in 1908 in the middle of the reed swamps as a “new monastery”. The rules are strict: a total withdraw from the world, a vow to poverty, frugality and silence....


Malaria, a planetary battle

A near 2 million people die each year from Malaria. The World Health Organization has organized its efforts to combat this disease through education. Malaria is the disease the most rampant of our planet decimating inter tropical regions (90% of deaths occur in sub-Saharian Africa), meaning in the poor belt of our planet. It is estimated that the disease has cost 3.5 billion dollars this year, on the African continent alone....